Our Appointment Policy

To allow plenty of time for our patients and surgical procedures, we typically operate by appointment. We make every attempt to see clients in a timely manner. However, we must give priority to emergency cases, which may cause appointment delay.

Drop off appointment?

For your convenience, we may at times offer a drop off appointment. Please ask us for details when scheduling appointment.

Cancellation Policy

Please give us as much advance notice as possible in the event that you must cancel or reschedule your appointment.
By doing so, you allow us to see more animals in need of veterinary care.

Leash & Carrier Policy

For the safety of your pets and others we must insist all animals are leashed or in a carrier. Please lock all retractable leashes and leash pet prior to entering the clinic.

Payment Policy

We require payment at time of service. For your convenience we accept: Cash, Checks, Discover, MasterCard, Visa & Care Credit.

What to Bring to your first appointment.

  • Please bring or fax, vaccination history, and health history such as receipts for heartworm prevention, and heartworm status.
  • Any questions or unusual behavior you have noticed from your pet.
    For example: Excess water drinking, itching

During your appointment

  • Let us know your pets exposure to other animals including wild life.
    For example: Grooming,Boarding, Dog Parks, Squirrels
  • Tell us about any products you are using on your pet.
    For example: Flea & Tick preventative, medications, essential oils

Ways to make your pets’ veterinary visit less stressful.

  • Pretend to examine your pet as a veterinarian would, and give them treats so they have a positive experience.
  • Don’t only put your pet in their carrier when coming to the veterinarian. Leave it in their favorite spot at home, so that it feels like a safe place.
  • Play calming music to drown out car and road noise.
  • Come by the clinic to say hi or weigh your pet. Be sure to give them treats so that it is a positive experience.
  • Many pets are too nervous to take treats at the veterinarian. So warm up a piece of chicken or hot dog prior to leaving your home. The scent will make it harder for the pet to ignore the treats.
  • Take your pet on more positive car rides, such as the pet store or dog park.
  • Ask the staff to schedule your pet at non busy times. Sometimes other animals and people can cause additional stress for your pet.
  • Be calm, if you have any reservations your pet will sense it and become anxious.
  • Speak calmly and softly to your pet to decrease anxiety and stress.
  • Keep your pet busy with training commands, to help keep them calm and focused.
  • Give plenty of treats for any positive behavior.