All homes and every pet are susceptible to fleas. Adult fleas, once on an animal, will stay on the animal until the flea dies. Owners see only about 5% of the entire flea population. Females may lay up to 50 eggs in a day which fall off into the environment where your pet lives. Flea larvae, which are 35 % of the entire population, look like tiny maggots when they hatch from the egg. They avoid light and stay hidden. Larvae develop into cocoon like pupa, which are 10 % of the entire population. Pupa may develop into an adult flea or stay dormant for several months.


You may see adult fleas even after a flea treatment as a result of a new hatch. When a flea becomes an adult it immediately searches for a host to feed on, a mate, and females begin laying eggs within 48 hours. If you suspect your pet has fleas, contact your veterinarian for advice on flea treatment and control.